Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth EVER going to tells us if they're married or not?! Think about it ... they haven't denied it. But they haven't admitted it either!

The famously private duo hit the Soho House in Malibu Saturday evening for dinner. And despite the beach club being the #1 hot spot for celebs in the seaside town -- the place to see and be seen -- Miley and Liam didn't give even one F about dressing up for this crowd. Nope! Miley was in cut-offs and a striped cropped tee with her messy hair pulled back and Nike SB sneakers, while it looks like Liam didn't even bother changing out of his swim shorts, threw on a T-shirt and topped it off with an Australian outback-style hat.

It seems this pair have finally found their groove after years of ups and downs. And if Liam is the one who's been able to reign in Miley's excessive pot-smoking and partying, we give him a big thumbs up as being the perfect match for her! Now, if they'd only indulge us in a boho-chic Malibu wedding ... we'd LOVE to get photos of that!