A woman marched into the Kardashian's DASH store in West Hollywood yesterday and pointed gun at the salesgirls, prompting the police to be called. She fled, but returned two hours later with a machete and ranted outside the boutique about the K clan and Cuba. Random! She kept verbally threatening the famous family, but nobody seems to really know why.

"Maricia Medrano walked into the DASH store in West Hollywood on Thursday morning and pointed a gun at the cashier and shouted 'Stay away from Cuba.' Medrano was also knocking merchandise off the counter as she shouted. She pointed her weapon at a second employee before leaving the store," the Los Angeles Sheriff Department tells Us Weekly.

"Medrano returned two hours later with a machete and used it to hit the store's front door frame before again leaving. Detectives arrested Medrano at her Los Angeles home on Thursday night, she was taken into custody without incident. A search of her residence recovered two airsoft guns similar to those used in the incident," they added.

Medrano seemed mighty bothered about the prospect of the K sisters going to Cuba. "The Kardashians will be executed if they step on Communist territory! They'll be f--ing killed!" she screamed.

We caught up with Kanye shortly after and asked him about the incident. Watch the below video!