This is a bad week for Batman!

Ben Affleck arrived at his outpatient buddhist rehab this morning, and our videographer asked him all the hard questions about Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct and Hilarie Burton's groping claims. Of course, he said nothing! It seems the A-list star prefers to issue carefully worded statements rather than comment on the various allegations on the fly.

Rose McGowan accused the Oscar winner yesterday of being a "liar" and claimed he was well aware of Weinstein's decades of sexual harassment, despite his denials. Then, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton brought up the fact that Ben grabbed her boobs during an appearance on TRL in the early 2000s, poking holes in his narrative that he respects women.

As soon as he caught word that Burton was talking about the incident on Twitter, he decided to issue an apology. "I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize," he wrote.

All of this just reminded us of a highly inappropriate junket interview he did in 2006 with French-Canadian reporter, Anne-Marie Losique. We can't believe the Hollywood heartthrob didn't think twice about acting this way on camera, and we bet he hoped it would never be brought back up. Too bad Ben, we have the memory of an elephant!