This is some unconventional therapy!

Ben Affleck left his buddhist rehab center this afternoon on what a source tells us is his last day, and the actor was gifted a brand new husky puppy! We have a feeling the pooch is meant to be an emotional support dog, and a responsibility that keeps the actor sober and on the right track. You'd think having three kids would cover those bases, but we guess not!

Typically, people seeking recovery get treatment for at least 28 days, but the Oscar winner has barely been going to this place for a month. We know he's got a busy life he needs to get back to, but we hope he doesn't backslide without the structure of a program.

His girlfriend Lindsay Shookus is prepared to make some lifestyle changes herself to make the Batman star's sobriety go smoothly.

A source tells X17:
    "Lindsay realizes that drinking around Ben is not a good idea. She's not going to be completely sober necessarily, but she's not going to drink when they're spending time together. It's not worth it to her. She doesn't want him to be tempted, and she doesn't want to be blamed if he relapses. She wants to be known as a good influence on him."

The Boston hunk is taking everything in stride!