Lawsuits all around!

Now Blac Chyna's bisexual ex wannabe model Pilot Jones is taking the former stripper and Rob Kardashian to court, claiming the former couple cyberbullied and gay-shamed him!

Let's try to understand this ... Chyna sued Rob for cyberbulling, slut-shaming and cyberstalking and then Rob turned around and sued Chyna for being an unfit mother and doing drugs and drinking; now Jones is suing both of these guys for mostly the same stuff! He says the former couple disseminated private information that led to so much stress he almost committed suicide.

He said Rob and Chyna shared his email address and phone number on social media and a slew of phone calls and emails followed, among them two reading: "T'oday will be the last day of you walking b----,' and 'You're a f------ snake for doing that to Rob & Chyna.'" Jones and Chyna dated "around the end of 2015" when Chyna and Rob were having trouble, but the reality stars eventually reunited and joined together to battle Jones.

Jones said he tried to kill himself following the scandal in 2016 because he was afraid it would ruin his relationship with his two sons. He says of the entire incident: "I'm not the only bisexual man that Blac Chyna has dated, and I was not the last, you know what I'm saying? I feel like the thing that brought us together, she's used against me. She tried to make me feel ashamed of who I am, and that's not OK." He says Chyna "tried to intimidate [him] via social media" and "clearly did bully" him over his sexuality. His suit states: "At the end of the day, all of us in this situation are parents and look at the example that we are teaching. These platforms are being used to really harass people. I was outed on social media."

We caught up with Chyna at LAX today and asked her about it ...