She's like a bad rash that just won't go away.

Blac Chyna is suing Rob Kardashian and the rest of the K clan for basically using their fame, power, and connections to destroy her and ruin her "career," whatever that actually is. The former stripper's attorney Lisa Bloom filed the documents at the Los Angeles Superior Court this morning, so she better be ready to face Kris Jenner's powerhouse lawyers when the time comes!

"Rob Kardashian is an abuser intent on destroying Angela White, the mother of his baby, who left him in 2016. In revenge, the Kardashian-Jenner family became media predators, slut-shaming her on social media and killing her hit television show, which had already begun filming a second season," the docs state.

BC has a laundry list of things she's accusing the sock designer of, including assault, battery, distribution of private materials, domestic violence, harassment, intrusion into private affairs, false light, disclosure of private facts, defamation, interference with contractual relations and interference with perspective economic relations. Yikes!

The thing she sounds the most upset about? The fact that season two of Rob & Chyna isn't happening. Did it ever occur to her that maybe it's not happening because the couple broke up? She's delusional!

"The unwritten rule no one told Ms. White when she started a relationship with Rob Kardashian is: the entire family takes it personally if you leave and will come after you, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down. They will get your television show canceled, they will go after you. They will spread lies about you, they will claim you are a bad mother without evidence. They will even fund a lawsuit about crumbled cookies to get revenge on you leaving a Kardashian," she continued.

The mother-of-two also tries to make it seem like she didn't use the Kardashian name to claw her way to the top.

"Rob Kardashian and his powerful, vindictive family have done enough damage to Ms. White’s career and professional reputation, which she singlehandedly built from scratch — without the help of a famous last name," she concluded.

The Kardashians are probably sitting back and having a good belly laugh over this!