He's officially out of a job.

Harvey Weinstein has resigned from The Weinstein Co. after a scheduled meeting this morning to discuss his fate. The disgraced studio mogul was on speakerphone from his sex rehab in Arizona, but his lawyer Patty Glaser was on hand. The board of directors gave Weinstein the choice to resign or be fired, so he chose the former, but he's still contemplating his next legal action.

The board of directors made the decision to terminate Weinstein well ahead of today's meeting, and they believe no mediation or arbitration is necessary, because they had every right to fire him due to their Code of Conduct clause in their contract. Weinstein's attorney reportedly plans to file a lawsuit for unlawful termination if The Weinstein Co. refuses to submit to arbitration.

According to TMZ, Weinstein believes he was only "temporarily" toxic to the company, but that with time, writers, directors, and actors would want to work with him again. Now that he's a goner, he still has no intention of quitting producing films, and thinks he can take his talents elsewhere.

We bet he regrets making sleazy sexual advances towards all these women, because now he has nothing.