This is some pretty heavy reading to do on the treadmill!

Justin Bieber arrived at his gym in Beverly Hills yesterday, and we noticed that he was carrying his trusty bible. These days, he never leaves home without it! The Biebs has turned over a new leaf since he recommitted to religion, and his trusty pastor Carl Lentz recently revealed what it's like to guide JB through his spiritual practice.

"People always ask, ‘What’s it like talking about life and Jesus with Justin Bieber? I always say the same thing: ‘Matter of fact, he’s just like you. And just like me.' We can’t connect on a money level: He has more. We can’t connect on a fame level: He’s known all over the world, while sometimes I’m not sure if my children even remember I’m their dad," Lentz wrote in his self-help book Own The Moment.

"You know what Justin and Judah [another pastor] and I all share? What it’s like to be lonely. What it’s like to want to grow in areas that are hard to talk about. What it’s like to be disappointed. What it’s like to make mistakes that affect people we love. No doubt, Justin has made his fair share of mistakes that have been legit,” he continued.

He then spilled the beans that the Canadian crooner begged to be baptized as got more involved with the church.

"One cold January night in NYC, Judah, Justin, and I had a really deep and real conversation about faith, about choices, and about surrender. Justin told us, as he always does, about the ups and downs of his calling and said, ‘I want to get baptized.’ We were both like, ‘Awesome. Great choice. We will hook that up. July sounds good, right?’ Justin said, ‘No, I mean like right now. I want to start fresh tonight,'" he shared.

We're all for him finding God, but can he please ditch these molester glasses?!