She was persistent, that's for sure!

A mid-40s woman was arrested for trespassing at Justin Bieber's Beverly Hills home yesterday, after doing so twice before within the last week, TMZ reports.

The woman was apprehended by JB's security team, and they called the police. The Biebs was home at the time of the incident, but never made contact with the female intruder. She never made it into the house, but she was wandering around the property.

We're surprised the pop star even has a pad in the 90210! Earlier this month, Page Six reported that Beverly Hills homeowners had "banned together" to make sure the "Sorry" crooner wasn't able to rent in their neighborhood, because of his wild reputation and antics.

"You would think that they would want the cache of having him at their homes—and Justin is offering $100,000 a month for places that aren’t anywhere near worth that. But he and his entourage have a reputation of trashing his rental homes and then being difficult where it comes to paying for the repairs," a source told the outlet.

Good thing he's got hired muscle to protect him!