You know she probably wishes she had gone to Miami!

Kanye whisked Kim away to the swanky Amangiri resort in the Utah desert for her birthday this past weekend, and the reality star couldn't resist showing off what 37-years-old looks like in a teeny black bikini.

She's probably so happy she doesn't have to be pregnant this time around, and can just wait till January when her surrogate gives birth to their third child. The E! starlet won't need to snap her bod back into shape, unlike her pregnant sisters Kylie and Khloe.

It seems Kimye's relationship is on the mend after their rough year, and rumor has it they employed a "spiritual counselor" to make that happen.

"Before Kim and Kanye started seeing a spiritual counsellor, she was seriously debating whether the relationship could work .Some members of Kim's family knew about the counsellor and encouraged it. But Kim really had to convince Kanye to go," Ian Halperin, the man behind the tell-all book Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise Of America's Royal Family, told Heat magazine.

This marriage has lasted way longer than her other ones!

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