We're going to be keeping up even longer than we thought!

The Kardashian clan just re-signed their contract with E! for a whopping $150 million, multiple sources report.

The deal will net them $30 million a season, for five seasons. They just keep getting richer and richer! Their previous 2015 contract was $20 million a season, so they've only gotten more valuable as they continue to pop out rug rats and bring the drama.

The deal doesn't stipulate how much each family member's salary will be, because they wanted to leave that part up to themselves to figure out. Translation - Kim and Kylie make the big bucks, Kourtney and Rob get the shaft, and Kris Jenner gets a huge portion of all of their paychecks.

Question is... will Lord Disick get a piece of the pie?

Rumors have been swirling that the momager was going to give LD the boot after the current season, and we're sure his scandalous romance with Sofia Richie isn't helping. We hope he really loves his teen girlfriend, because she just cost him some major dough!