Hot mama! Khloe Kardashian showed off her new pregnancy curves during a promotional event for her Good American denim line at Nordstom Saturday in LA. She's finally got the fuller cleavage she always wanted, without having to get implants! And we're pretty sure we see the beginnings of a baby bump under her silk kimono top. She went from a 27 waist, after being tighted with a waist trainer and worked out by an actual trainer, to a slightly plumper mid-section.

And don't go hating on us for commenting on your weight gain, Khloe ... you said we were fat shaming, we said you were likely pregnant and now t seems pretty much confirmed that you are, so why'd you Tweet about our comments about you wearing sweats?! When are you going to make the official announcement?! We think you look awesome and we're SO happy you're going to start a family; we're not fat-shaming!