Girls' trip! Kourtney, Khloe and Kim took off for San Francisco the other day for a quick sisters' trip and returned Friday evening by private jet, of course. And funny enough, even though the girls had no idea we were snapping pix, Khloe STILL covered up her baby bump! Hmmm ... just how much money do you think she's getting and from what media outlet, for the big reveal? Clearly it's a package deal with half-sister Kylie.

The ladies stepped off their plane treating the tarmac like a catwalk -- Kourtney in a silk pajama look, Khloe in baby bump-coverup chic and Kim in her odd Spandex shorts look with a massive Hermes Birkin and her long blonde locks.

Apparently someone likes Kim's biker shorts -- a concierge for the private aviation company stopped Kim for a quick chat as she headed to her chauffeured SUV. What out Kanye, Kim looks giddy!