No wonder they have so much hired muscle!

Kim and Kanye's Bel Air mansion was hit by burglars last night, who broke into one of their staff's cars and stole a cell phone. The two suspects also ransacked two other vehicles on the property before fleeing, when the couple's security team chased them off with loaded guns. They were caught on surveillance footage, but as of now they haven't been apprehended.

"A witness observed a suspect enter and exit the victim’s vehicle and then flee the location. A second suspect who was hiding in some bushes also fled the location. Suspect No. 1 took personal items from the victim’s vehicle," an LAPD PIO told Us Weekly.

They weren't done, though!

They went next door to Kathy Griffin's house, smashed in the windows of her car, and stole a purse. The thefts happened just one day after $50K worth of purses and sunglasses were stolen from Mariah Carey's LA pad, but it's unclear whether the crimes are related.

This comes exactly one year after Kimmy K was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Their lavish lifestyle makes them a giant target for this kind of stuff!