Not so fast!

Kim Kardashian sent her fans into a frenzy by inquiring about a double baby stroller on Twitter yesterday, but she reeled things back in when she caught wind that everyone thought her surrogate must be expecting twins!

"Anyone know who makes the best double stroller? Not a tiny compact one but regular size," she tweeted. Que the freakout!

"OMG Kim totally just revealed her surrogate has two buns in the oven!" one user wrote. "North and Saint are gonna be pissed, there are totally TWO babies on the way," wrote another.

Kimmy K had a little fun with it, and then put the rumors to rest. "I have two kids people!!!! LOL," she wrote.

Kanye must be glad they're not having multiples, because these days, he's spending most of his time at the studio! We caught him arriving yesterday, fresh off his trip to Utah for his wife's 37th birthday.

Perhaps he's cooking up some lullabies? We'd buy a Yeezy baby rap album!