Kim's starting to nest! The soon-to-be mother-of-three brought along some experienced help today on a shopping trip to buybuy Baby in Woodland Hills. Kourtney's already got three kids, so she's the expert on stocking up for baby #3 and Kim probably needs all the help she can get!

Of course we all know Kim and hubby Kanye West are expecting a baby via surrogate in January, so it's time to start preparing.

The overly-glam duo arrived in heels and short shorts to stock up on supplies. Kim wore cut-off sweatshorts with an oversized forest-print tee and her favorite Yeezy heeled lace-up booties. But the most striking thing about her look was the glam-girl high blonde ponytail -- so different for Kim!

Kourtney looked stunning in a black off-the-shoulder blouse and denim cut-offs with stilettos. These two stormed the store in haute couture looks as if to say, "Watch out! MILFs coming through!