When it's 100 degrees in LA, what do the Kardashians do? Throw on a flannel plaid, knee-high leather boots and grab an E! camera and head to the ice cream store!

Kim and Kourtney hit up Sloan's in Woodland Hills for a cool treat ... except the hardly ate anything! What ended up happening is pal Jonathan Cheban satisfied his infamous dessert cravings with some crazy cakey ice cream bowl which Kourt was photographing non-stop and Kim and Kourtney got little plastic spoon tasters of a couple different fun flavors but they didn't eat anything!

Then, dietetically boring Kourtney went to GoGreek for some frozen yogurt because dairy-laden ice cream doesn't fit into her strict diet. And guess what -- her body looked insane in black leggings and a body-hugging black tank, so her program seems to be working! Meanwhile, Kim covered up her curves but don't worry ... her bod's still on point. Stay tuned for video of her dressed as Cher Friday night at the Casamigos Halloween party with Jonathan as Sonny. HOT!