This feud just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Marilyn Manson took the opportunity to slam Justin Bieber in a recent interview, and it seems he's definitely not over their beef.

"He's in some sort of sexual religious cult with an Asian version of Dave Navarro, apparently. The guy doesn't wear a shirt ... but no, I don't like to fight with girls, so I don't want to fight with Justin Bieber," the musician said on The Scully Show.

Their bad blood began when JB used an image of Manson on his Purpose tour t-shirt merchandise.

"He was [already] wearing the shirt that had his name on my shirt, and he said to me, 'I made you relevant again.' Bad mistake to say to me. He was a real piece of sh*t in the way he had the arrogance to say that. He was a real touchy-feely guy, too, like, 'Yo yo bro!' and touches you when he's talking. I'm like, 'you need to stand down, you're d*** height on me, okay? Alright? So stand down, son,'" he explained.

It sounded like they had put the argument behind them, though, as Manson previously revealed they had texted since the incident and read aloud a message from the "Sorry" crooner.

"I thought we had a pretty pleasant interaction. Also, if anything wasn't squared away with the T-shirts, I'm so sorry. Anyway, regardless, it kind of stung seeing that I came off as an a**hole or even just was an a**hole, I'm sorry? Honestly, I totally thought we hit it off. Again, my bad. If I was an a**hole, that wasn't my intention. Just want you to know that. I don't really care about the media. I just wanted to make sure you and I were good because I like you," Bieber allegedly wrote.

"We are cool. People just made that shirt stuff into a fake feud. Let's turn it upside down and f**k the press and do something together. It will be the best. And don't apologise. You weren't an a**hole. They asked if you were and I sort of agreed. I wasn't out to get you. If not, I'll try to avoid more questions today on Stern," Manson says he wrote back.

Asked by the interviewer why he thinks the Canadian pop star keeps coming for him, Manson delivered a bizarre diss.

"I don't know, because I don't know how to use the mind of a squirrel," he quipped.

This is all so hilarious!