He has a type... rich chicks!

Scott Disick and teen girlfriend Sofia Richie drove around Malibu in her fancy BMW sports car on Saturday, and we're surprised the reality star was OK with being in the passenger seat. All types of rumors are swirling about the controversial couple, including those that claim LD secretly popped the question on their recent trip to Italy!

While we're pretty sure they're not engaged or expecting a baby quite yet, we do believe the reports that Sofia's dad Lionel asked her half sister Nicole Richie to intervene and talk some sense into the 19-year-old.

"Nicole made a lot of bad choices, but completely turned her life around. Lionel thinks she’d have even more sway over her sister because of that. He knows Sofia looks up to Nicole. He’s praying Nicole can save her," a source dished to the National Enquirer.

They're barely ever apart, but The Lord did leave his lady love at home to grab lunch with his kids in Calabasas the following afternoon. It's obvious that baby mama Kourtney Kardashian has strict rules about keeping Sofia away from her brood, and for now, the boozy bad boy is complying with her wishes!