Let's face it, Eminem's comeback track Walk On Water exemplifies everything he's rapping about in the song. "Sales decline; the curtain's drawn; they're closing the set; I'm still poking my head out from behind." So retreat ... go back into retirement. I dunno ... is Eminem dunzo?

Notice Beyonce didn't join for her part of Em's new track ... Skylar Grey sang her portion from behind the piano and it seems most critics wished she had just performed solo -- she's the best part of the song. So what gives with Eminem? He sings about doubting this phase of his career, of being surpassed by others ... and he's right!

Moving on to the "Stan" part of the medley -- again, Grey slayed. Eminem finally felt at home with "Love the Way You Lie." Thank god for classics!

The target="_blank">DailyMail compiled some "fans'" reactions on Twitter and here's how it looks ... not good!