As they should be!

Harvey Weinstein and James Toback are being investigated by the Beverly Hills Police Department amid claims of sexual misconduct, the bureau announced yesterday.

"The Beverly Hills Police Department has recently received multiple complaints involving Harvey Weinstein. These cases are under investigation and no further information will be released at this time,” the police department confirmed in a Facebook post. They posted the same statement with James Toback's name as well.

Both the producer and the director have denied any wrongdoing, but multiple women have come forward to accuse them of sexual harassment and assault.

"I’ve struggled seriously to make movies with very little money, that I write, that I direct, that mean my life to me. The idea that I would offer a part to anyone for any other reason than that he or she was gonna be the best of anyone I could find is so disgusting to me. And anyone who says it is a lying c–ksucker or c–t or both. Can I be any clearer than that?” Toback told Rolling Stone.

We hope they get what they deserve!