Well this is disturbing.

Harvey Weinstein had a network of spies that he used to silence women, stop publications from printing articles on his sexual misconduct, and get information on potential accusers, Ronan Farrow claims in his new New Yorker expose.

The disgraced studio boss hired private investigators and Israeli secret service to keep tabs on reporters sniffing around trying to expose him, and even had them bait Rose McGowan into revealing that Farrow was working on a bombshell investigation.

One of Weinstein's investigators even posed as a rape victim who wanted to come forward with her story, in an attempt to find out how close varius outlets were to discovering the truth.

Weinstein's law firm Boies Schiller and Flexner got caught in a massive conflict of interest, because they helped him hire an investigative service called The Black Cube, but they were also publicly representing The New York Times at the same time. In other words, the NYT own attorney was helping Weinstein squash negative stories!

"We learned today that the law firm of Boies Schiller and Flexner secretly worked to stop our reporting on Harvey Weinstein at the same time as the firm's lawyers were representing us in other matters. We consider this intolerable conduct, a grave betrayal of trust, and a breach of the basic professional standards that all lawyers are required to observe. It is inexcusable and we will be pursuing appropriate remedies," the New York Times said in a statement.

In more bad news for Harvey, a criminal case against him is reportedly going to be presented to a grand jury in New York "very soon," TMZ reports.

We don't think there's any way this guy isn't going to jail!