No, seriously... WTF!

We caught Justin Bieber hitting Starbucks and grabbing a solo sushi lunch today in Beverly Hills, and we couldn't believe our eyes, but not in a good way. What has happened to his looks and style?! They both seem to have gone down the tubes!

The singer was wearing baggy Adidas track pants and a 'Big League Fear of God' jersey, and he's starting to resemble one of those creepy guys that hangs around the gas station in a small town.

We guess it doesn't really matter what we think because he's got his girl Selena Gomez back, but still! It's time for a haircut, a meeting with the swagger coach, and a refresher course on how to dress. He's turning into his dad Jeremy right before our very eyes, and whereas we always thought we'd have terminal Bieber fever, we're now thinking it's definitely in remission.

Also, sagging is so 90s! JB flashed his tush and his tighty whities as he hopped into his ride, and we're just all around embarrassed for him!