The backlash continues.

Kevin Spacey already shot all his scenes to play J. Paul Getty in the upcoming movie All The Money In The World, but director Ridley Scott has decided to replace him with actor Christopher Plummer in the wake of the Oscar winner's sexual assault scandal. The problem? The flick is set to hit theaters on Dec 22!

Ridley "made the decision unilaterally and only notified Sony of his decision on late Wednesday afternoon," The Hollywood Reporter reports. The rest of the cast and crew are on board with the move, but logistics are still being figured out. Spacey shot his scenes over eight days, and a lot of them were filmed on location, which poses a problem in terms of how to redo them.

The film is set in Rome, and tells the story of Getty, who refused to pay his grandson's $17 million ransom despite being the richest man int he world at the time. Michelle Williams plays the grandson's mother, and Mark Wahlberg plays a CIA agent.

The House of Cards star has previously gushed about the role, so this has got to a punch to the gut.

"It was one of the most remarkable experiences that I’ve had as an actor. I really felt like I was able to become this man. This for me stands out as a particularly unique experience," he told Entertainment Weekly.

Spacey doesn't have very many people in his corner these days, but his estranged brother Randy Fowler recently spoke out in defense of the Hollywood heavyweight, claiming that he endured years of sexual abuse by their father to save Spacey from the same fate.

"I spent many years taking the place of my brother being abused by my father and I took it to protect him, that's what big brothers do. I honestly don't know if anything happened with him. In 1980, when he went off to Juilliard and I went on my first filming tour, I just never saw him again," he told the Jackie O show.

"I saw him once in 1989, I asked him a question about whether anyone knows about his sexuality and he gave me a cryptic and vague answer. I didn't see him for a couple more years and then finally in 1992, my father was very ill and the whole family ended up coming to Seattle. I want people to know that I've tried my whole life to have my brother that I had when we were growing up… something happened," he added.

What a mess.