Hot DAMN! This girl just won't give it up!

Unlike our shots of Kylie, which seem to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that 20-year-old is with child, Khloe Kardashian keeps us guessing!

The denim maven posted a shot from her latest campaign, wearing nothing but an oversized tee adorned with silver lame stars. The billowy shirt is poofed in all the right places and there certainly could be a baby bump under there.

But after that, Kim Snapchatted some shots of her and Khloe at her KKW Fragrance launch party and check out Khlo's body! She's wearing super-slimming Spandex shorts with an oversized boyfriend blazer and ankle boots and we'll be damned if we can tell if she's pregnant or not! What gives, KK?! Just tells us already!