Where are the baby bumps?!

Of course depending who you ask, Khloe's either giving it away in these pix or giving absolutely no signs of being pregnant whatsoever. Okay, when she leans over in this top photo for her new Good American sweats campaign, there does appear to be a little bulge in the belly. But in the below shot, when she poses standing straight up with the other models, her stomach looks flat! And what about the bathing suit pic she posted this week? There's no baby bump there at all! What gives?! Are she and Kylie posting throwbacks?

Speaking of which, Kylie was referencing this older pic, saying she liked her old hairdo ... but fans are freaking out why? Not because there's a large sweatshirt covering her mid-section -- it's admittedly a throwback, after all -- but because her hair was PINK! And pink seems to be the color of the day, week and month in Kylie's recent Snapchats so fans are speculating she's teasing us with a GIRL gender reveal.

But still, no baby bump ... except in OUR PIX!