If acting doesn't work out, J.Law could always be a late night host!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians super fan Jennifer Lawrence interviewed Kim on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, and the actress was able to get the reality star to spill all her secrets!

Two two chatted for almost twenty minutes about everything under the sun, including Blac Chyna, OJ Simpson, and Kanye West. The Oscar winner revealed that she recently went over to Kris Jenner's for dinner, and got so drunk she got butt naked in the momager's closet and asked Kimmy and Kanye to style her!

The Mother star questioned the mother-of-three about ex-boyfriends, sleepwear, her famous sisters, and much more, but when talk turned to Rob Kardashian's baby mama, KK wasn't quite so forthcoming.

“I always said when someone was going to ask me, you know, Dream is going to see this one day. So I think it’s just super respectful to not say anything about my niece’s mom,” she replied.

The Hollywood starlet asked if Kim ever talks to OJ, and she actually got an answer for this one!

“I haven’t. I haven’t talked to him in years. I think I saw him at a club in Miami like a decade ago. I have so much respect for his children. I feel like my mom and Caitlyn [Jenner] both say a lot about it and they’re really vocal. And I just feel like, you know, his kids. It must be, like, really hard. I just try to stay away from it," she explained.

You have to watch the full clip, it's amazing!