Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are keeping the romance alive with dinner dates as they did last night at Nobu Malibu ... BUT apparently the rapper doesn't love raw fish [insert inappropriate joke here] so he had his bodyguard bring in some more appealing food for his sensitive palate!

Even though the menu was created by much-lauded chef Nobu Matsuhisa, it's apparently not to Kanye's liking -- but the views are amazing and the Kardashian clan loves the scene there so West just imports his favorite dish from who knows where, the Nobu kitchen heats it and plates it and Kim's the one ordering a spicy tuna roll!

The pair are rarely seen together these days -- Kanye's been working hard at his studio office and Kim's been ... well, lying low. The couple are spending tons of time finalizing design details on their Hidden Hills mega-mansion to try to have it ready in time to move in before their third child is due, via surrogate, in December. They better hurry! If you haven't seen what the house looks like recently, click HERE to see our newest pix.

So last night, as Kim and Kanye left the beachside hot spot, Kim whipped out her phone to check Snapchat and check out her Kimoji case :)