Take THAT, TSwiz!

Kim Kardashian is doing her damnedest to defend hubby Kanye West in his feud with Taylor Swift that has gone on for years now. And yesterday, as Taylor's Reputation album dropped, Kim did the most public thing to NOT support Swizzle that she could possibly do ... she went to Katy Perry's LA concert and Instagrammed it!

Taylor has so many enemies/haters that you'd need some sort of complicated pictograph to explain them all but basically, she and Kanye aren't friends -- neither and she and Katy ... which everyone who hasn't been living under a rock, knows. So in protest against Tay's new album and the single "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" which pretty much slams Kanye AND Kim, she went to Katy Perry's first night in a series of four concerts at LA's Staples Center to show her allegiance to Team Katy.

Taylor may have her squad, but Kim and Katy are building their own, too ... and Larsa Pippin and Nori are card-carrying members!