She can be tamed!

Miley Cyrus is "still clean and sober" and actively involved in L.A.'s recovery community, Radar reports. What was the catalyst behind her decision to ditch drugs and alcohol? Her relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth!

"Liam was the one who pushed her to get clean because he told her that he would not marry a train wreck. That really woke her up. It was extremely hard for Miley to quit using drugs and alcohol, but she's done it and has been sober for several months now," a source dished to the site.

The "Malibu" songstress has turned to a recovery program for support in staying on the right path.

"Everyone is really really proud of her. She's come so far and is working really hard at maintaining her sobriety. She is attending 12-step meetings and has a very strong network of people standing by her," the source added.

Weed smoking and twerking are a thing of the past!