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Oh lawdy! We're not sure if this was Reese's idea or if she and her daughter Ave just coincidentally dressed in head-to-ankle black with white sneakers for their Paris sightseeing, but their matchy-matchyness is a little awkward, no?

Still, these two are blonde beauties, smiling, happy and taking in some serious art at the Georges Pompidou so we'll forgive them. Lest we forget their 23-year age difference -- these two, as everyone says -- really do look like twins!

The actress/producer extraordinaire and her high-school-senior daughter were trailed by Reese's hubby Jim Toth and the couple's 5-year-old son Tennessee. Her 14-year-old son Deacon was M.I.A., though -- he stayed home with day Ryan Phillippe for the Thanksgiving holiday. Still, what a good-looking family!