Is he going to put a ring on it?!

Scott Disick hit up Polachek's jewelry store in Calabasas yesterday and spent some serious time browsing the goods, and it makes us wonder if those rumors that he's getting ready to propose to Sofia Richie are true?

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy and Lionel Richie's daughter are reportedly planning on shacking up, so getting married would be the logical next step... according to them, at least. Her famous father and sister are trying desperately to get her to pump the breaks, though.

"Lionel told Sofia to wait a little longer and not to move in. Nicole flat-out told her sister ‘You’re making a big mistake.’ They [both feel] it’s way too soon to move in with him," a source dished to Life & Style.

The Lord sounds thrilled with the relationship, and is happy to be rid of the overbearing K clan.

"Kourtney and the Kardashians always tried to control Scott, unlike Sofia, who gives him the freedom he needs and lets him be himself. Scott feels that Sofia is the only person who understands him," the source added.

Getting married would undoubtedly sever his relationship with the Kardashian family, which is maybe why he's also not afraid to write a tell-all! In Touch reports that LD is bitter over the way his struggles were used as plot lines on KUWTK, and could grab a huge pay day if he spilled all their dirty secrets!

“Scott’s threatened to write a tell-all book before, but Kourtney has always talked him out of it. Now that he’s not as involved with her or the family, a huge payday from a publisher sounds better than ever," a source told the mag.

So what would be in it?

"Scott will reveal details about her [Kourtney's] relationship with Justin and other secret boy toys. Kourtney told Scott about Kim and Kanye’s volatile marriage, and how they lead separate lives. Scott knows so many personal details about the Kardashians. Everything from their plastic surgery secrets to how much Kris really drinks. Scott knows [the truth] about Kanye’s mental health," the source added.

Anything he does they're going to have a problem with, so he might as well look out for himself!