They've practically been attached at the hip.

Selena Gomez squeezed in an early morning workout before hitting Alfred's Coffee in West Hollywood for some beverages, and we were slightly shocked she didn't have Justin Bieber in tow. After all, they've been spending every day together since news broke that they had reunited.

Everyone is trying to figure out the status of their rekindled relationship. Some outlets say they're a full-on exclusive couple, while others say they aren't back together just yet, but that it's headed that way.

"They’re not officially boyfriend and girlfriend. There’s a long history there obviously with them and they are figuring things out as they spend time together. No one would be surprised if they gave it a real go, but it’s too soon to say how things will unfold now," a source dished to People.

TMZ reports that JB heavily pursued SG after he learned of her kidney transplant, because the thought of her dying made him realize how much he still loved her. Morbid, but sweet! "Selena had to be won over," a source told the site.

We guess it's true what she says... the heart wants what it wants!