But you did, T-Raww!

Tyga raised eyebrows shortly after news of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy broke by claiming to be her baby daddy on Snapchat, but now he's saying he never insinuated that and people were simply reading too much into it.

"Hell nah that's my kid," he captioned a snapshot of an article about the reality star being pregnant with Travis Scott's baby.

We all saw it, but now the rapper claims it's all nonsense.

“I didn’t comment on anything, I didn’t comment on anything, it was a fake story. It’s all a fake story," he told Metro.co.uk. Umm OK!

Now that he and the LipKit queen are no longer together, he's clearly just trying to stay relevant by bringing her up in interviews. Like the K clan likes to say... he's a Debbie Desperado!