They give new meaning to the term friendly exes, and that's saying something considering what's gone on!

Ben Affleck and Jen Garner bundled up for a morning stroll around their Brentwood neighborhood today, and we still can't believe the mother-of-three is so cool with her former spouse, given that he had an affair and left her for mistress Lindsay Shookus. The two recently spent Thanskgiving together with their kids, and rumor has it that caused a bit of a problem in the Batman star's new relationship.

What's the issue, you ask? Apparently, the SNL producer is getting the feeling that she's always going to play second fiddle to her beau's actress ex.

"[Ben would] dump her immediately [for Jen.] She thought Ben was over Jennifer, because he truly convinced her that was the case. Now she’s telling friends that she knows ‘his heart isn’t with me,’” a source dished to In Touch about Shookus.

"Jen was so unbelievably supportive of Ben with his sobriety struggles. That has only made Ben love her more. He has told friends that the biggest heartbreak of his life was losing Jen as his wife," the source added.

Perhaps Jen could extend her good influence on him even more and get him to quit smoking? The Oscar winner has been vaping in the last month or two in an attempt to quit the cancer sticks, but we caught him puffing away yesterday afternoon after a therapy session. What a nasty habit!