Is she getting ready to be single again?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux reportedly had a blowout fight over the holidays, and now their marriage is hanging by a thread, Radar reports.

"It was a stupid argument - the kind of disagreement most couples have. But this time things spiraled out of control, and Jen flipped out. She came at Justin really hard. It was a tongue lashing of epic proportions! It was best for both of them that Justin removed himself from the situation before it became physical," a source dished to the outlet.

The Leftovers actor allegedly retreated to the Beverly Hills hotel for a couple of days, but the distance didn't do much to calm the tensions, and now pals say a divorce is "inevitable."

"Justin's told people that Jen went too far and he's not going back. It's been one tense disagreement after another. The word is they called off their annual tree-trimming party because they can't show the united front they've shown in the past. Right now there's more friction than trust between Justin and Jen. It'll end badly if they don't solve their problems quickly," the source added.

Not true, says Us Weekly! Despite not being under the same roof as they have filmed different projects over the past couple months, there is no trouble in paradise for the pair.

"She prefers L.A. He has a fondness for New York, but they knew that about each other from the beginning and decided it wasn’t an issue. It doesn’t mean they’re splitting up. They are both independent people and don’t spend every minute together. But there is a ton of love and laughter between them. They don’t let all speculation get to them," another source told the mag.

Can you imagine if it worked out that Jen got back together with Brad Pitt?! The world would freak out!