Even a spill on the hard ice of the hockey rink didn't dampen Justin Beiber's holiday spirit!

The Biebs hit the ice just after touching down in LA with Selena Gomez following a quick trip to Seattle where the two visited the Sugar Factory for some sweets. Justin takes his country's nation sport seriously, so it was time to get back to training and join his team, the Toronto Maple Leafs (ever notice they don't spell it Leaves on his jersey?) in a match.

Unfortunately the singer was a bit out-of-sorts and took a nasty spill at one point. He took a moment, lifted himself up off the ice and continued playing -- no broken bones, thank god!

Then photographers got a nice Christmas surprise as they followed Justin to his car outside the rink ... a very Merry Christmas wrap on his G-Wagon! That's some serious holiday bling!