Can you imagine how glad she is that her surrogate is carrying her third child for her?

Kim Kardashian got a fresh spray tan and put her rock hard body on display in a white cutout dress last night for an appearance at The Grove in LA, and she didn't seem too bothered about the fact that Taylor Swift fans were flooding her Instagram account with rat emojis, after she reignited her feud with the pop princess by sharing a throwback pic from Kanye's "Famous" exhibit, which features a topless T-Swizz wax figure.

The reality star and Yeezy have been at war with the chart topper ever since they recorded her phone call about the "Famous" lyrics, and accused her of lying by being caught off guard about being called a "bitch" on the tune. Ever since, there has been bad blood between them - pun intended! - and a lot of songs off TS's new album Reputation allude to their spat.

In typical fashion, Tay Tay indirectly responded to Kimmy's catty move with a clever play on words. "I never trust a narcissist But they love me..." she wrote on her social media account.

This is getting almost as old as her feud with Katy Perry! Let's just move on, people, and stop giving them the attention they're craving!


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