Maybe she should have thought this one through!

Kylie Jenner isn't having the easiest time being pregnant with her first child, and her rapper baby daddy Travis Scott's lack of attentiveness is really getting under her skin, Radar reports.

"Kylie is having a meltdown right now because Travis doesn’t seem to really care about her pregnancy. It is making her completely manic! She is really starting to wonder if having his baby is a huge mistake because she is hating life right now” a source dished to the outlet.

Making matters worse is his hectic touring schedule.

“Travis is everywhere but with Kylie right now. She followed him on tour while he was in Boston, London and even Las Vegas. But she just can’t do it anymore. And instead of giving up his fame to be there for her and the baby on the way, he is doing more shows than ever and left for Chicago two days ago after she begged him to stay in L.A. with her," the source added.

We have a feeling a split is coming the minute the baby is born!