Those breakup rumors are just that... rumors!

Kylie Jenner and baby daddy Travis Scott are still together, and they both attended Kris Jenner's annual Christmas party over the weekend. TMZ got a photobooth pic of the pair, and we've looked everywhere, but it appears their camp gave the website an exclusive image to put those split rumors to rest.

Tons of reports have been swirling about the reality star and the rapper's relationship, and most of them say he's had one foot out the door as she preps to give birth to their first child in early February.

"Kylie is having a meltdown right now because Travis doesn’t seem to really care about her pregnancy. It is making her completely manic! She is really starting to wonder if having his baby is a huge mistake because she is hating life right now” a source dished to Radar.

Allegedly making matters worse is his hectic touring schedule.

“Travis is everywhere but with Kylie right now. She followed him on tour while he was in Boston, London and even Las Vegas. But she just can’t do it anymore. And instead of giving up his fame to be there for her and the baby on the way, he is doing more shows than ever," the source added.

The hip hop star might not even ring in the New Year with his baby mama!

He's got a show in Las Vegas on December 30, and he's performing in Miami at Liv nightclub on New Year's Eve. We doubt the pregnant LipKit queen is going to want to pop bottles in the club waiting for the disco ball to drop, but if she does, we'll FINALLY get our long awaited glimpse at her bump!