It seems like just yesterday!

Paris Hilton sat down with MTV Australia to chat about that famous 2006 car pic of her, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan, known now as The Holy Trinity, and the heiress revealed that the Mean Girls star actually crashed her girls night with the pop princess.

"Actually, it was just Brit and I [going] out. And then [Lindsay] chased us to the car and got in. She wasn’t invited," she explained.

Princess P also talked about Kendall Jenner stealing her style by wearing the same sexy silver dress on her 21st birthday, and said that she actually loves that the supermodel wanted to emulate her look.

It got us wondering... what does Lilo's life even look like now, ten years after hitting the club scene with her former pals? Well, for starters, she has relocated to London and Dubai, and prefers the lifestyle she can have overseas.

"She’s oddly very popular there and she is kind of like Paris Hilton. She has a bunch of girlfriends and she has a place now. She has become a lady who lunches with all these women who have businesses. It’s taken her time to get used to the lifestyle, but she likes it now," a source dished to People.

"I love living in New York, but I do love the serenity and peace that I find living in the Middle East because there are no cameras in Dubai and I can actually focus on what I want to do in life. I don’t always have to be scrutinized every second. I can have a private life and have a public life, but when I choose to. And I think that’s really important," she told Entertainment Tonight.

My how time flies!