Enfants riches deprime!

These poor rich kids -- okay, one rich kid, one rich adult -- really have nothing else to do with their time besides back-to-back, daily lunch and dinner dates. No office hours, no commitments, no studying for the college-aged Richie and no modeling jobs booked ... why not just hang out and eat at generic delis in Calabasas!

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick threw down her dad's credit card for yet another meal out -- okay, maybe Scott picked up the tab on this one, it's not Soho House! And it was another day, another brightly-colored sweatshirt for Scott. The past three days he's worn orange sweats -- this one is Champion with his favorite Yeezy Powerphase sneakers. Richie opted for all-black -- high-waisted jeans, a long-sleeved henley tee and white Nikes.

Seriously, though ... we're happy for these two. We also have LOTS of sympathy for Kourtney and Lionel!