They're inseparable!

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are back from Miami after spending the last week down there for Art Basel, and we caught the pair heading to lunch in Calabasas yesterday. We wonder if they ever worry about running into Kourtney?

We're shocked the controversial couple has made it this long, and apparently so is everybody else, including his baby mama.

"At first, nobody thought Scott and Sofia would last more than a couple of weeks, and everybody is shocked they’ve been together this long, most of all Kourtney [Kardashian]. There’s such an age difference between Sofia and Scott, but then, he’s really just a big kid at the heart of it, so it all evens out at the end of the day," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"Scott loves that it’s so easy with Sofia, she doesn’t ‘nag’ him like he felt Kourtney was always doing. With Sofia it’s all about fun and adventure, she makes Scott feel carefree, and less of a f**k-up. Whether it will really stand the test of time is yet to be seen, but Scott is definitely really happy with the way things are right now, and he credits Sofia with giving him a new lease on life," the source added.

Does The Lord spend anytime with his kids?!