This is how you know it's getting serious!

Sofia Richie brought her mom Diane Alexander over to meet boyfriend Scott Disick at his house in Calabasas yesterday, and it certainly seems like the 19-year-old wants her relationship to go the distance. Most parents wouldn't be too thrilled about their daughter dating a much older party boy, so we wonder how this little rendezvous went!

We think it's interesting that the teen model hasn't chosen to bring dad Lionel around yet. The iconic singer has been vocal about his disapproval of their romance, so maybe that's why. It sounds like Kourtney Kardashian's ex is head over heels for Sofia, and we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if an engagement is coming.

"Scott Disick sees a lot of himself in Sofia [Richie] and that’s why he’s so drawn to her. He’s turned on by the fact that Sofia is a young hustler, a go-getter and she’s super into fashion. It also helps that she’s super beautiful and wise beyond her years. With her partnership deal she was able to land with Adidas, Scott saw that and loved her entrepreneurial prowess that she displayed and not only does that remind him of his younger self, but a younger Kourtney [Kardashian] as well as she’s always shown that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen for herself and her family,” a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"Scott can never completely erase Kourtney from his memory, but he definitely felt the same way about her when they were younger. He’s almost reliving that emotional high that he had with Kourtney and Sofia has been the perfect companion for him. Always by his side and there when he needs her the most. Scott has never been shy about displaying his love of business and money, and with Sofia he knows they can build their own empire one day. Scott has been giving Sofia the game in what it takes to be a successful businesswoman and she’s been really receptive to his advice. He loves the dynamic they share,” the source added.

LD is totally going to put a ring on it!