It worked!

The mere mention of Beyonce's name sends fans into hysterics, and that's exactly what she set out to do when she began her journey to fame, a new documentary reveals.

Queen B is a master of controlling her image, and carefully crafts what she shares with the public to have maximum impact and praise. From making her relationship with Jay-Z public in the "Drunk In Love" video, to their top secret wedding in 2008, nothing happens just by coincidence.

Her most calculated moves have regarded her pregnancies. She largely stays out of the spotlight when she's expecting, but she gives fans just a tiny taste every once a while to keep them interested. Case in point? Her decision to randomly drop the announcement she was expecting twins on Instagram, when nobody had even been speculating she had a bun - let alone two! - in the oven.

She's also rebranded herself as a feminist and civil right's advocate, as seen during her black panther-esque Superbowl halftime performance, and her girl power "Lemonade" album, which addressed her husband's infidelity head on.

The only person that can match this level of narcissism is Kim K!