This just keeps getting worse and worse.

Celebrities took to social media to react, after Donald Trump allegedly made racist remarks during a lawmaking meeting as they discussed immigration policy, and it's safe to say Hollywood isn't a big fan of the POTUS.

"Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?” the President said, referencing immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa, according to The Washington Post.

Anderson Cooper was outraged, and couldn't help but defend Haitians with his response.

"Let me be clear, the people of Haiti have been through more, withstood more, fought back against more injustice than our President ever has. I was taught math in high school by a Haitian immigrant named Yves Volel, who worked hard, dedicated himself to teaching kids. He ultimately returned to Haiti and was assassinated while running for president," he said on CNN.

"I have never met a Haitian who isn’t strong. You have to be to survive in a place where the government has often abandoned its people. Where opportunities are few and where Mother Nature has punished the people far more than anyone should ever be punished. Haitians slap your hand hard when they shake it. They look you in the eye, they do not blink. They stand tall. They have dignity. A dignity many in this White House could learn from. A dignity the president with all his money and power could learn from as well," he continued.

"On the eve of the anniversary of the earthquake, on this day when this president has said what he has about Haitians, we hope the people in Haiti listening tonight in Port Au Prince and Jacmel, and Miami and elsewhere – we hope they know our thoughts are with them, and our love is with them," he concluded.

Here are some other reactions:
    John Legend: "The president is a racist. He has been for his entire public life. If you vote(d) for him, you do so because of that or despite that. We need a multi-racial anti-racist coalition to defeat him and try to heal our nation.”

    Chelsea Clinton: "Mr. President, immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and the 54 countries in Africa likely helped build your buildings. They’ve certainly helped build our country. cc @POTUS."

    Judd Apatow: "We need to impeach this President. He is a corrupt, racist con man. Any politician who isn’t furious should be voted out as well. We are all human beings and should love and take care of each other. Trump stands for hate and greed."

    Patton Oswalt: "In a week Trump will do/say something that'll make today's "shithole" comment seem quant. Does anyone remember "Mexicans are rapists," "bleeding out of her whatever" and "good people on both sides"? Happy 11th day of 2018, everyone!"

    Ben Stiller: "Tomorrow is the 8th anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. Violent dictators, natural disasters and raw injustice have conspired against the dignified, resilient and wonderful Haitian people for decades...Haitians have been a big part of the American melting pot...
    In 1990 14% of us Haitians were managerial and professional - lawyers, scientists, teachers, doctors, business managers. By 2010, this figure was 24%.... Haitians are a proud and resilient people and their country isn't a shithole. Wishing all those affected by the earthquake, the last hurricane and everything else they have had to deal with all the best from our country."

Trump, of course, is denying the report, but he can't flat out say he didn't say it.

"The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA! Sadly, Democrats want to stop paying our troops and government workers in order to give a sweetheart deal, not a fair deal, for DACA. Take care of our Military, and our Country, FIRST! Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country. Never said “take them out.” Made up by Dems. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians. Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, no trust!," he tweeted.

Is this really happening?!