Not surprisingly, the majority of them weren't impressed.

Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address last night, and while the media is pretty much in agreement that he did a decent job, Hollywood doesn't agree.

The POTUS touched on everything from immigration to tax cuts to the opioid crisis, and stars just couldn't help but jump on social media to give their two cents.

Here are some of the best reactions:
    Ashley Judd: "My vision for America is one in which everyone is welcomed, regardless of religion, race, or country of origin. It’s people who make America great, not bigoted policies. #StateOfTheDream."

    Mark Ruffalo: "We stand with working people, not Wall Street. We need an infrastructure plan to create millions of jobs, not corporate wealth. #TrumpSellsOut #SOTU."

    Patton Oswalt: "Here, I'm gonna fact check this speech: whatever he just said was bullshit. Boom. Solid reporting. #SOTU."

    Sarah Silverman: "I was told darkness could not exist in the light. But here it is, for everyone to not see.#SOTU."

    Al Gore: "There is no war on American energy. America should lead on clean energy! Smart leaders are tapping into this unprecedented opportunity. Doesn’t @RealDonaldTrump know that US solar jobs are growing 17X the average job growth? #SOTU."

    Ann Coulter: "GREAT SPEECH. Beautifully delivered. I think he's covered everything. Look for the exit signs, start proceeding directly to them."

    Dane Cook: "Trump speaks the way a pit boss does to you when you’re way up at the blackjack table. Sounds happy for you, secretly wants you to lose it all. #sotu."

    Andy Cohen: "Nancy Pelosi’s stink eye is EVERYTHING!!!!!"

    Maria Shriver: "Watching #SOTU I’m always struck by the divided chamber. Half sitting. No matter who is president. So divided."

Something else people were talking about? Melania's white pantsuit! The First Lady wore a cream colored Dior ensemble, and it was very Hillary Clinton-esque.

Politics is such a hot topic these days.