He clearly calls the shots when it comes to naming their kids!

Kanye was on cloud nine at the studio as we congratulated him on his newborn daughter's "superstar" name Chicago West, and the rapper is clearly thrilled that his baby girl's moniker is a nod to his beloved hometown.

The couple are largely getting roasted on social media over their choice, but auntie Khloe is obsessed, and revealed the nickname they've already given the little one.

"I LOOOOOOOOOOVE her name hey Chi (shy)," she wrote on Twitter in response to Kim's announcement.

A source tells X17:
    "Kanye has always been proud of his Chicago roots, and both he and Kim thought 'Chi' the nickname was adorable. They think Chi West has a really sophisticated sound to it, and they also thought it went well with North and Saint. A lot of people think Kanye pressured Kim into the name Chicago, but Kim was actually all about it from the moment it was proposed. She loves that it's so unique."

Who ever thought the Louis Vuitton Don would be a settled down father-of-three? We sure didn't, but it really suits him!