Kylie, is that you?

Kendall Jenner attended the Golden Globes last night, and rather than making a splash with her fashion, everyone just couldn't stop speculating about what she'd done to her lips. The model was sporting a much plumper pout, and we don't think it takes a super sleuth to realize she got injections.

She didn't exactly receive the warmest welcome at the award show, either. Trolls were commenting on why she was walking the red carpet as if she belonged there, and some poked fun that she must have been nominated for her horrific Pepsi commercial minimizing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Her lips weren't what we were focused on, though. What is happening with her skin? The catwalk queen has the best makeup artists in the world at her disposal, but even they couldn't cover up the cystic acne covering her chin and cheeks. We think if we were this broken out, we'd opt to stay home!