If they really name their daughter after a handbag we're officially done!

Kim Kardashian sent fans into baby name speculation overdrive yesterday by posting a closeup image of a Louis Vuitton bag, and now people think their newborn's moniker will be some variation of the designer label. Will it be Vuitton West? Or Elle V West? Or Loui West? We guess we'll have to wait and see!

It wouldn't be totally shocking, considering Kanye has long called himself the Louis Vuitton Don!

Although, Kimmy K could just be paying tribute to Kim Jones, the artistic director of men’s wear for the brand, who announced yesterday he would be stepping down after seven years.

In other Kimye news, the couple is trying their best to make North and Saint feel special now that their little sibling is finally here.

"Kim wants to make sure North and Saint have a lot of extra attention and feel included as well. It’s a big deal for everyone to have a newborn in the family. Kim and Kanye are at home with the baby. They are so happy. They have had some visitors, but mostly Kris [Jenner] and Kourtney [Kardashian] are helping out," a source dished to People.

Can you imagine if they shocked everyone and went for something totally normal? Now that would be a story at this point!